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Introducing ABLE

For several years now, centralised finance has been struggling to attract the public, which has led to the emergence of new trading, savings and lending solutions through decentralised finance.

Nevertheless, it is clear that most of these solutions are expensive (high gas fees), energy-intensive and difficult to use.


ABLE Finance is a cost-effective and energy-efficient DeFi protocol designed to address these issues and offer a credible alternative to centralised finance.



ABLE Swap is an eco-friendly DEX built on BSC & NEAR.
ABLE swap focuses on providing sufficient amounts of liquidity, which is the key factor in a DEX adoption.

Try the most rewarding solution for liquidity providers.

Farming & Staking

Farm ABLE and earn by providing them with liquidity in designated pools.

Stake ABLE and earn a part of the swap fees in proportion to your share in the staking contract.

Earn passive income on the BSC & NEAR with Able Finance.


Able Launchpad, the first permissionless and rugpull proof ICO launcher running on the NEAR and BSC networks.

Let's develop the NEAR network by making it accessible to project creators and investors.

Hold & Earn

ABLE token provides a dual source of passive income.

ABLE token holders’ balance increase automatically as they earn the rewards of 3% transaction fees and inflation.

Direct and automatic, hold ABLE and start earning.

ABLE token

ABLE is the Able Finance native utility token, it is initially a BEP20 token but a NEAR chain integration will be done after the launch, then there will be 2 versions of the ABLE token, one on the BSC and the other on NEAR.

The token will have multiple use cases for governance, platform utility, and much more.

Hold & Earn

ABLE Token holders’ balance increase automatically as they earn the rewards from the 3% transaction fees and inflation.

Smart supply regulation mechanism

The higher the volume, the more deflationary ABLE is.

V1 Able Finance Litepaper.png
Why build on NEAR chain?

Making a transaction on NEAR is by far Greener, Cheaper and Faster than on the Ethereum network.

This makes the NEAR network one of the fastest and most sustainable blockchains and thus an ideal environment for Able Finance.

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